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Television is reach

Television is the leading medium. And in terms of reach, it is the crème de la crème. No other medium makes brands known faster. Even with a small budget. Keyword: Addressable TV.

We bring your product to television. Whether classic TV advertising on large or small TV channels, Addressable TV or DRTV. We make everything possible. We are happy to plan your TV advertising individually for you. In doing so, we can choose from a wide range of TV stations and provide you with exactly the right offer.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


By far the most widely used medium. 71 percent watch TV every day. TV ads reach your target group quickly and often.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


Viele Pixel, viele Gefühle. TV-Werbung transportiert Emotionen. Einfach und effizient. Mit der richtigen Kombination aus Bild und Ton.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


Strongest lever: brand awareness. TV makes your product known. At the speed of sound. Faster than any other medium.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


ross-media linking. Maximize sales potential. The viewer sees something. It speaks to him. Always at hand: his smartphone. They immediately search for further information. And also comes across your campaign online.

TV advertising

Fernsehwerbung: Kosten, Vorteile und Preise für TV-Werbung

TV-Werbung ist mit Abstand das reichweitenstärkste Werbemittel in der Medienlandschaft. Fernsehspots erreichen die Zielgruppe im Vergleich zu anderen Mediengattungen überdurchschnittlich schnell und oft.

98% der Bevölkerung besitzen einen oder mehrere Fernseher und nutzen diese durchschnittlich 3,5 h pro Tag. Gerade durch die Ansprache breiter Bevölkerungsgruppen und den einfachen Transport von Emotionen kann Fernsehwerbung überzeugen.

TV advertising with crossvertise

The fact is: TV is booming like it hasn't for a long time. And this is where we come in: Put your TV campaign in our hands and we'll help it get the reach it deserves.

Do you think your TV commercial is destined for greatness? Then we can also recommend the major channels such as ZDF, RTL or ProSieben. Is your budget a bit smaller? Then why not place your spot on less expensive special interest channels such as Nitro, n-tv or SAT.1 Gold. Or do you want to showcase your regional product? Then local stations like mü are your first choice.

Whether it's a classic TV spot, addressable TV or direct response TV - we'll get you on TV. From planning your TV campaign to broadcasting the TV spot: We provide you with the complete service from a single source.

Types of TV advertising

Classic TV commercials

Classic TV commercials

The standard format on TV: spots between 20 and 30 seconds. They are the basis for sustainable brand building.

There is enough time for detailed information and product details.

Skillfully staged, storytelling ensures that the viewer is emotionally picked up. The result: an intense brand experience.

Addressable TV

Addressable TV

Addressable TV is the future. It combines linear TV with digital advertising.

The clever thing about it is that you can get on TV without any TV commercials at all. And how? With an advertising banner in the current TV program.

You define the parameters, such as age, gender, region. And only the relevant users see your SwitchIn banner.



Who hasn't seen them? Commercials with an inserted telephone number or a website where you can order the advertised product immediately.

With Direct Response TV (DRTV), you sell your products in the fastest way possible.

A DRTV spot is not characterized by reach, but by returns.

Our services

Strategy & Concept


If you want to reach your goal, you should know the way. We are interested in your idea, your company. All backgrounds, visions, goals. Because that's the only way to create an effective strategy that you really need.

Media planning


Good planning has no price, but a value. For this, we jointly develop unusual, sometimes radical ideas and create holistic visibility for your brands.

Media buying


We get everything out of your budget. Our potential becomes apparent during negotiations. Independent, transparent, with one goal in mind: maximum benefit per media euro deployed.



We have everything under control and all deadlines on the screen. As standardized as possible, as flexible as necessary. We optimize and, if necessary, correct. Always in focus: your goal and your success.

Creation & Design


Imaginative, target group-specific, clever and original. Your vision united in words and images. So that your message gets exactly the attention it deserves.



Whether your campaign meets your goals depends on many factors. An optimal combination: your satisfaction, a positive response from your target group, and figures to prove it. This makes our performance visible and your success tangible.

Our whole world of advertising

Out of Home


Strong emotions through moving images

  • Most widely used medium in Germany
  • Regional, local and national
  • Classic TV spot | addressable TV | direct response TV

Out of Home Advertising

Stand out in a big way

  • Rapid reach through GEO marketing
  • Generate buying impulses on 160,000 billboards
  • Poster | Digital Out-of-Home | Ambient | Point of Sale | Transportation | Guerilla


The Must Have

  • Address exactly your target group through versatile targeting
  • Changeable, measurable, controllable - always and everywhere
  • Banner | Social Media | Search Engine | Online Audio | Video Ads


Whether prime time or drive time - 30 seconds that belong to you

  • Regional and wide reach
  • On the road or at home
  • FM | Web radio | Streaming


Big canvas that makes you shine

  • Full attention, no switching possible
  • Guaranteed target group contacts through contact booking
  • Hall-related | Film-related | All cinemas | Below the line media


Authentic and serious

  • Haptic and durable
  • Throughout Germany or regionally
  • Daily and weekly newspapers | trade journals | glossy magazines | advertising journals