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Online advertising - a must-have

Having a digital presence is a must. Standing out from the crowd is the supreme discipline. But how do you reach users in times of ad blockers and banner blindness?

Whether classic display advertising with banners & videos, search engines, social media or online audio. We make everything possible & make you big on the web. We recommend only what really gets you ahead.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


Campaign launch yesterday rather than today? You can do that online. With online advertising, you can reach customers quickly. Adjustments can be made immediately. At any time.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


Real-time analytics for success. Numerous tools are at work as sleuths for you. Is the campaign on the right track? Where is there potential for improvement?

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


We know where your user is. Define target audience. Set parameters. Find the user. And target them. Even those with the same surfing behavior. We do all that for you.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


Online is the advertising chameleon. Polish up the image. Make the brand known. Or strengthen direct sales. Whatever your goal, there is always a suitable online advertising medium.

Online advertising

Online advertising with crossvertise

We are an independent specialist in the online universe and thus your trusted media partner. We have the right online advertising for your goals. You tell us what you want. And we put together your individual online package. From Basic to Special. From search engine marketing to online audio. We know which forms of advertising are a must-have for your campaign. And which ones you can combine well.

Always in view: The key figures. Depending on the objective of your advertising campaign, you pay via cost-per-click (CPC), price per thousand contacts (CPT) or fixed price.

Our media experts know which is the right way for you.

Types of online advertising

Display advertising

Display advertising

Brand awareness doesn't happen on its own. Our recipe: display advertising. It stays in the mind. And it's a healthy vitamin booster for long-term customer loyalty.

Display ads work across all devices. The key is to deliver the right advertising medium to the right target group at the right time.

Whether with banner ads, native ads or content engagement ads - we make it possible.

Online Audio

Online Audio

Audio spots are cheap and efficient. And they're no longer just on the radio.

Online audio is booming. And it's really booming. One in three people uses streaming services like Spotify or Deezer every week. Especially the younger ones.

Mobile devices are the chart toppers. They really do play online audio into the ears of everyone, everywhere and at any time.

Social Media

Social Media

Share, Like, Post, Tag. On social media, information spreads like wildfire. Faster than anywhere else.

And surely you don't want to be a flash in the pan? So keep in touch with your customers. Maintain your image. Go on the hunt for personnel.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitch. There's the right platform for every purpose.

Search engine advertising (SEA)

Search engine advertising (SEA)

The Google universe is big. Visibility is the be-all and end-all. This means being present on page one of the search results.

With search engine advertising, you satisfy the user's immediate needs. As soon as he enters a search term.

The good thing is that you only pay for search ads that are really relevant. You set the click prices and daily budgets yourself. This gives you maximum control over costs.

Video Ads

Video Ads

Moving images magnetically attract the eyes. Combine this with sound, and complex content is quickly and easily understood.

So video ads come just at the right time. The best known of these are bumper ads. Six-second commercials on YouTube.

Something is also happening in the editorial environment. Place short, surprising in-page or in-read video ads. And increase your view through rate and visibility.

Our services

Strategy & Concept


If you want to reach your goal, you should know the way. We are interested in your idea, your company. All backgrounds, visions, goals. Because that's the only way to create an effective strategy that you really need.

Media planning


Good planning has no price, but a value. For this, we jointly develop unusual, sometimes radical ideas and create holistic visibility for your brands.

Media buying


We get everything out of your budget. Our potential becomes apparent during negotiations. Independent, transparent, with one goal in mind: maximum benefit per media euro deployed.



We have everything under control and all deadlines on the screen. As standardized as possible, as flexible as necessary. We optimize and, if necessary, correct. Always in focus: your goal and your success.

Creation & Design


Imaginative, target group-specific, clever and original. Your vision united in words and images. So that your message gets exactly the attention it deserves.



Whether your campaign meets your goals depends on many factors. An optimal combination: your satisfaction, a positive response from your target group, and figures to prove it. This makes our performance visible and your success tangible.

Our whole world of advertising

Out of Home


Strong emotions through moving images

  • Most widely used medium in Germany
  • Regional, local and national
  • Classic TV spot | addressable TV | direct response TV

Out of Home Advertising

Stand out in a big way

  • Rapid reach through GEO marketing
  • Generate buying impulses on 160,000 billboards
  • Poster | Digital Out-of-Home | Ambient | Point of Sale | Transportation | Guerilla


The Must Have

  • Address exactly your target group through versatile targeting
  • Changeable, measurable, controllable - always and everywhere
  • Banner | Social Media | Search Engine | Online Audio | Video Ads


Whether prime time or drive time - 30 seconds that belong to you

  • Regional and wide reach
  • On the road or at home
  • FM | Web radio | Streaming


Big canvas that makes you shine

  • Full attention, no switching possible
  • Guaranteed target group contacts through contact booking
  • Hall-related | Film-related | All cinemas | Below the line media


Authentic and serious

  • Haptic and durable
  • Throughout Germany or regionally
  • Daily and weekly newspapers | trade journals | glossy magazines | advertising journals