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Out of home advertising reaches all

Nothing is impossible? One thing is. Bypassing outdoor advertising. Classic billboard advertising, fancy ambient advertising or digital outdoor advertising. There's no way around it. From small to very large, we always have the right stages for you.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


Out of home advertising is where public life happens. We are constantly on the move. Outside. Outdoor advertising accompanies us. Always.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


Billboard, city light poster, pillar: there are no limits. Small or very large - finding the right stage for your product is our job. And our passion.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


Bypass Out of home advertising or turn it off? No one can. No remote control can zap away outdoor advertising. And that's what makes it so convincing.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


When it comes to reach, no one can beat outdoor advertising in a hurry. A powerful driver in the right media-mix: reach rates of up to 95 percent.

Out of home advertising with crossvertise

Outdoor advertising is ubiquitous and is particularly well suited to local and regional campaigns. Poster advertising is the classic. Whether large-scale, city light poster or advertising pillar - we know more than 160,000 poster sites in germany. If you wish, we can also take care of the design and printing of your poster.

Are you more the digital type? And want to combine the scale of your poster with the dynamism of online and the movement of TV? Then we recommend Digital Out-of-Home. Advertising on digital screens in public spaces.

If you want to stage your product in a particularly attention-grabbing way, ambient advertising, point-of-sale or transit advertising is just what you need.

The most popular types of Out of home advertising



The classic

More than 150,000 locations in Germany. Their share of the poster inventory is over 60%.



Presence in the heart of the city

The fully glazed, backlit poster display cases ensure an eye-catching presence at all times.

Digital Out of Home

Digital Out of Home

The screen is yours

Digital Out-of-Home combines the size of the poster with the dynamism of online and the movement of TV.

City Light pillar

City Light pillar

The modern advertising pillar

Fully glazed and thanks to rotation, City Light pillars radiate the advertising motifs in all directions.



The eye-catcher

City Light Boards offer a special combination of size, lighting and movement.



Unexpected, unusual and surprising

Advertising in the direct environment of the target group, e.g. restaurants, bars, cinemas or gyms.

Advertising pillar

Advertising pillar

A round thing

Advertising pillars are exclusively occupied by one advertiser. Let your creativity run free.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Where people spend money

The customer is shopping at the supermarket or clothing store. Why not directly your product?



Pick up speed

Become an eye-catcher. With entertaining content. While riding the bus or train or waiting at the bus stop.

Out of Home planning tool

(Only available in German language)

Out of Home Planer

1. Choose a city

Enter a city-name or an address. The Out of Home Planner displays all available advertising spaces in a map-view.

2. Select your Billboard / Pillar

Choose your advertising space and find out about current daily prices, availability and the number of average contacts.

3. Shopping cart

Add your selection to the shopping cart and book your outdoor advertising in just a few steps.

Our services

Strategy & Concept


If you want to reach your goal, you should know the way. We are interested in your idea, your company. All backgrounds, visions, goals. Because that's the only way to create an effective strategy that you really need.

Media planning


Good planning has no price, but a value. For this, we jointly develop unusual, sometimes radical ideas and create holistic visibility for your brands.

Media buying


We get everything out of your budget. Our potential becomes apparent during negotiations. Independent, transparent, with one goal in mind: maximum benefit per media euro deployed.



We have everything under control and all deadlines on the screen. As standardized as possible, as flexible as necessary. We optimize and, if necessary, correct. Always in focus: your goal and your success.

Creation & Design


Imaginative, target group-specific, clever and original. Your vision united in words and images. So that your message gets exactly the attention it deserves.



Whether your campaign meets your goals depends on many factors. An optimal combination: your satisfaction, a positive response from your target group, and figures to prove it. This makes our performance visible and your success tangible.

Our whole world of advertising

Out of Home


Strong emotions through moving images

  • Most widely used medium in Germany
  • Regional, local and national
  • Classic TV spot | addressable TV | direct response TV

Out of Home Advertising

Stand out in a big way

  • Rapid reach through GEO marketing
  • Generate buying impulses on 160,000 billboards
  • Poster | Digital Out-of-Home | Ambient | Point of Sale | Transportation | Guerilla


The Must Have

  • Address exactly your target group through versatile targeting
  • Changeable, measurable, controllable - always and everywhere
  • Banner | Social Media | Search Engine | Online Audio | Video Ads


Whether prime time or drive time - 30 seconds that belong to you

  • Regional and wide reach
  • On the road or at home
  • FM | Web radio | Streaming


Big canvas that makes you shine

  • Full attention, no switching possible
  • Guaranteed target group contacts through contact booking
  • Hall-related | Film-related | All cinemas | Below the line media


Authentic and serious

  • Haptic and durable
  • Throughout Germany or regionally
  • Daily and weekly newspapers | trade journals | glossy magazines | advertising journals