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Print advertising - Print ist trusted

Print is dead - long live print. Even in the Internet age, daily newspapers reach almost 75 percent of the population aged 14 and over. No other medium enjoys such a high reputation and trust. Printed advertising on paper has a much more authentic effect than in digital form.

Choose from over 13,000 print titles, such as newspapers, magazines, journals and advertising journals from all over Germany.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


No one knocks Print off its throne. Where do we find everything? Online! Who do we often trust more? The printed word. Whether news or test reports: the reputation of print is unchallenged.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising

Down to earth

Reduction creates trust. No annoying special effects. No pop-ups to obstruct your view. No malware. Print concentrates on the essentials. And the really relevant.

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


If you look for your target group, you will find it. The print landscape is diverse. There is a title for almost every interest. We know your perfect match!

Advantage Out of Home Advertising


Haptics is pure fireworks. Do you remember that feeling? When you held a glossy magazine in your hand? An experience that an e-paper can never create. Want to bet?

Print advertising

Print advertising with crossvertise

Haptics is everything that counts for you? Then print is just right for you. In our range: 13,000 print titles from all over Germany with all the well-known daily and weekly newspapers, consumer and trade magazines as well as glossy magazines and advertising journals.

What do you need to consider when booking your print ad? The decisive factor is the content - and the page format: magazines make the price dependent on the page share. In newspapers, your ad will occupy a fixed number of columns. Or would you prefer a special format? We can do that too!

We will gladly take over the entire planning for you. So that you don't lose the overview.

Types of print advertising

Daily and weekly newspapers

Daily and weekly newspapers

Everyone wants to know what is happening around them. To know what's going on in the world. And, of course, the regional news. Newspapers satisfy this need for information.

The biggest advantage for you: Your customers read the content self-determined and voluntarily. And that has a positive impact on your advertising.

Your product needs an attentive broad audience? Then get it in the newspaper!

Ad papers

Ad papers

Do you have your sights set on a specific distribution area? And do you want to reach as many readers there as possible? The answer to the riddle: advertising journals.

They are free. They have a very large readership. And they are financed exclusively by advertising revenues.

Their beat: the weekly rhythm.

Consumer Magazines

Consumer Magazines

Consumer magazines are entertainers. High-quality presentation. With lots of pictures and colors.

General-interest magazines are for the general readership. Special-interest magazines cover specific topics, such as sports, travel or lifestyle.

The question remains: Do you eat the whole cake or just a piece of it?

Trade journals

Trade journals

Trade journals are like a sieve. Only those readers who are professionally involved with the topic are left behind. And that's exactly who you want to reach.

The target group is highly interested and readily consumes topics related to their field. Spreading losses are low.

Advertising for products is desirable. This is the only way the industry can learn about important innovations. And can pass them on.

Print planning tool (only available in German language)

Book print advertising easily: Choose from over 13,000 print titles, such as newspapers, magazines, journals and advertising journals from all over Germany. You will receive media data including advertising rates for all print titles.

Print Planning Tool

1. Select print title

Enter a name of a print title or a city. The Print planner displays all available print titles.

2. Enter your criteria

Choose your ad format, publication date & other criteria. The planner calculates the advertisement price.

3. Shopping cart

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Our services

Strategy & Concept


If you want to reach your goal, you should know the way. We are interested in your idea, your company. All backgrounds, visions, goals. Because that's the only way to create an effective strategy that you really need.

Media planning


Good planning has no price, but a value. For this, we jointly develop unusual, sometimes radical ideas and create holistic visibility for your brands.

Media buying


We get everything out of your budget. Our potential becomes apparent during negotiations. Independent, transparent, with one goal in mind: maximum benefit per media euro deployed.



We have everything under control and all deadlines on the screen. As standardized as possible, as flexible as necessary. We optimize and, if necessary, correct. Always in focus: your goal and your success.

Creation & Design


Imaginative, target group-specific, clever and original. Your vision united in words and images. So that your message gets exactly the attention it deserves.



Whether your campaign meets your goals depends on many factors. An optimal combination: your satisfaction, a positive response from your target group, and figures to prove it. This makes our performance visible and your success tangible.

Our whole world of advertising

Out of Home


Strong emotions through moving images

  • Most widely used medium in Germany
  • Regional, local and national
  • Classic TV spot | addressable TV | direct response TV

Out of Home Advertising

Stand out in a big way

  • Rapid reach through GEO marketing
  • Generate buying impulses on 160,000 billboards
  • Poster | Digital Out-of-Home | Ambient | Point of Sale | Transportation | Guerilla


The Must Have

  • Address exactly your target group through versatile targeting
  • Changeable, measurable, controllable - always and everywhere
  • Banner | Social Media | Search Engine | Online Audio | Video Ads


Whether prime time or drive time - 30 seconds that belong to you

  • Regional and wide reach
  • On the road or at home
  • FM | Web radio | Streaming


Big canvas that makes you shine

  • Full attention, no switching possible
  • Guaranteed target group contacts through contact booking
  • Hall-related | Film-related | All cinemas | Below the line media


Authentic and serious

  • Haptic and durable
  • Throughout Germany or regionally
  • Daily and weekly newspapers | trade journals | glossy magazines | advertising journals